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Ohio Tech can install your equipment in your facility. Our installation services provide the highest degree of success. Our Installations are built on best practices and deep industry experience. Ohio Tech engineers are highly experienced in all aspects of installation and are able to manage and complete an entire installation.

Our engineers are willing to explain our technology to help you get the very best from our equipment. Listed below are some typical questions that arise when we discuss installation services with our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument installation or setup involves Ohio Tech making all of the instrument hardware and software connections necessary for the normal and routine operation of an instrument.

In most cases, the installation process is considered complete once an instrument has successfully completed specific performance based tests. Installation does not involve familiarization or training and does not address method or application specific issues.

There are many advantages of having Ohio Tech do your instrument installation. Having Ohio Tech do an installation provides an extra level of assurance that an instrument is performing properly. This assurance takes on added importance when purchasing an instrument. If a lab has no experience in running an instrument, installation can be coupled with system familiarization to expedite the use of an instrument.

If a lab is increasing capacity and already has a great deal of internal expertise, then installation may be an unnecessary.

Usually no, however, this issue needs to be discussed with your sales representative to make sure the warranty agreement will be in place. In most cases your warranty will not be voided if a qualified individual does the initial instrument setup.

In most cases, engineers from Ohio Tech will provide a qualified service engineer to perform your instrument installation and familiarization. Most of our engineers have years of laboratory experience operating the model of instrument being installed. These individuals are in an excellent position to help you in all aspects of instrument operation including hardware connections, routine maintenance, and software and report production. In some cases, due to the specialized nature of an instrument Ohio Tech will work with the principal supplier and have someone with better understanding of the equipment do the installation. On some cases Ohio Tech will work with the manufacturer and have the client get trained by the manufacturer at the manufacturer site.

Ohio Tech will provide all of the basic cables, connectors necessary for instrument installation. Unless specifically stated in the sales agreement, Ohio Tech has no responsibility for doing the site preparation for an instrument.

If an Instrument is purchased through Ohio Tech the price for a given installation is usually free of cost. Problems that arise during installation that are “instrument related” are covered under the Ohio Tech installation process as well as the Ohio Tech warranty and will be repaired at no additional cost to the client. Expenses incurred by Ohio Tech, due to poor site preparation, could result in additional charge. In our experience, however, these charges can usually be mitigated.

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