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  • Sonicator - QSonica llc, USA

    The new Q700 is the most technologically advanced Sonicator available today. A state-of-the-art touch screen interface offers intuitive control and provides a user-friendly experience. The most important feature of a Sonicator is reproducibility.

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  • Rotary Evaporator - Yamato, USA

    Yamato Rotary Evaporators, models RE301/601/801, are easily raised or lowered by simple switch operation. Model RE801 can be pre-set such that when operation ceases, unit will be raised. Motorized lift standard for all models.

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  • UV Instruments - Vilber Lourmat

    Ultraviolet light (UV) forms a part of the invisible radiation which borders on the visible light spectrum. Ultraviolet starts beyond violet, where detection by the human eye ends. Ultraviolet is located at shorter wavelengths compared to visible...

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    Autoclaves - 8 Products. Autoclave completely computerized rapid cycle mod. ATV 60. E quipped with a powerful vacuum pump which, at the beginning of the cycle, ejects the air pockets present in the chamber , while at the end of the ...

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