Micro Centaur Plus

The Micro Centaur Plus is an improved version of the original Micro Centaur, adding new features and accessories. Its space-saving design and programmable features makes it an ideal choice for your laboratory. This powerful microcentrifuge is capable of speeds up to 14,500 rpm (14,573 g) and can use a range of rotors up to 2.2ml capacity. A Haematocrit and PCR rotor is also available.

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Falcon 6/300

The MSE Falcon 6/300 and 6/300R centrifuges are the successors to the hugely popular Mistral 3000e and 3000i. A powerful induction drive, 3 litre capacity benchtop centrifuge, the Falcon 6/300 range is avaliable in both refrigerated and non refrigerated versions.

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