Bullet Blender: Microcentrifuge Tubes

The microcentrifuge tubes models include:

the basic Bullet Blender, a lower power model with the lowest cost and works only with snap cap tubes.

the Bullet Blender Blue which has Air Cooling™ which forces ambient air past the samples to keep them cooler and also works with only snap cap tubes

the Bullet Blender Storm, the most popular model, because it has a more powerful motor that can handle the toughest samples and Air Cooling, which forces ambient air past your samples. The Storm model works with snap cap and our RINO® screw cap tubes, made from an extra tough material.

the Bullet Blender Gold, the best model for working with RNA because it has the powerful motor found in the Storm model, works with snap cap and our RINO screw cap tubes, and incorporates dry ice 4C Cooling™ to keep your samples at 4C. Using a temperature sensor in the instrument, monitoring the motor and using an algorithm, a fan is modulated to blow the right amount of air past dry ice and then mixed with ambient air in the instrument and past your samples to keep them near 4C.

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